• Dental Composite Instrument # 4, Product Code C-1010

Dental Composite Instrument # 4, Product Code C-1010

Brand:ND Surgical Industries
Product Code:C-1010
Availability:In Stock
  • $14.95

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User Dentist, Provided Non Sterile, Usage Re usable, Purpose Filling/Cosmetic Procedure, Ergonomically designed handle, light in weight and easy to grip. The supreme quality instrument is available on unbeatable price.
  • Dental Composite Instrument #4
  • Preferred by dentist and commonly use in dental schools. Both sides have Plasma Gold tips. Fast and efficient placement and shaping of composite material. Ideal Instrument for the placement and shaping during restorative procedure.
  • Our hand made instrument are precise and professionally crafted used in all catagory of dentistry. The supreme quality instrument on unbeatable price
  • This is in stock item, we ship worldwide. Product shipped within 1-3 business days.

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